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Five Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Cat

Do you have a brown tabby that you absolutely love? Maybe you have a pair of Siamese cats that constantly entertain you. No matter what type of cat you own, you want to do everything you can to keep it in excellent health, so it will be with you for a long time. There are a few ways you can help to keep your cat or cats in good health. Take a look at five examples.

Feed It a Nutritious Diet

Making sure your cat is getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy is easier than ever. Packages and cans of cat food have all of the ingredients listed on them, so you know exactly what your cat is taking in. Plus, you can purchase cat food that is appropriate for the age, size and even the breed of cat you own. If you’re not sure what to choose, go online to read some recommendations from other cat owners. In many cases, other cat owners are more helpful than anyone else when it comes to which brands of cat food are the best.

Visit the Vet Yearly

A yearly visit to the vet gives you the chance to learn how to better care for your cat. Perhaps there is a small issue with your cat’s health that the vet can help to solve before it becomes a bigger problem. By the way, going to the vet doesn’t necessarily involve vaccinations. Some cat owners prefer to give their cat its vaccinations. If this is the case with you, may want to visit Vet Products Direct for cat vaccinations. When you keep in communication with your vet, it can benefit your cat’s long-term health.

Keep Dangerous Items Away from Your Pet

Cats can become sick when they ingest certain items found around the typical household. For instance, it’s best to keep poinsettia plants out of the house or at least out of your cat’s reach. These plants can be poisonous to cats and other pets if eaten. Also, if you have a trash can on the floor of your bathroom, make it a point to put it up out of your cat’s reach. Cats like to chew on dental floss and have been known to reach into a trash can to get it. This floss can become lodged in a cat’s intestine leading to the need for surgery. Sewing thread and needles are other things to keep out of your cat’s reach.

Make Sure Your Cat Gets Exercise

Most people don’t walk their cats like they do their dogs. So, how do cats get exercise? They play! Get a tennis ball and roll it on the carpet toward your cat. It may love grabbing the ball, falling down and clawing it. Play games with balls of yarn , encouraging your cat to chase it across the room. Cats have bursts of energy where they dash across the floor and skid to a stop. Cats can be fun to play with and simple chase games provide a lot of exercise.

Groom Your Cat

You may think your cat can groom itself. That’s definitely true but brushing your cat can help with the task. When you use a soft brush on your cat’s coat, it can get rid of dead or loose hair that may end up in your cat’s stomach. If a cat gets too much hair in its system, it tends to cough up hairballs. So, try to brush your cat a couple times a week. This grooming activity can also help you to bond with your feline.

Lastly, be sure to talk to your cat in a calm voice. This helps to build a relationship of trust with your pet and keeps its stress level down.